Beluga Restaurant

Restaurant of The United Company «Restaurants Of Rappoport» on the second floor of the Hotel National Moscow with a fantastic view on The Red Square
the best restaurant in moscow russia
1 MICHELIN star in the MICHELIN Guide 2022

The high title was given to Beluga by the authoritative Russian restaurant critics only six months after its opening, and the restaurant has only strengthened its position by receiving many professional awards.
In 2021, the restaurant received the highest rating in the world's most prestigious gastronomic guide – A MICHELIN STAR in the MICHELIN Guide 2022, symbolizing the highest level of gastronomic excellence.
The offer is truly unique: two dozen varieties of caviar, outstanding Russian delicacies, an elegant and ingenious version of modern Russian cuisine, one of the world's largest vodka lists, all available in Russia sorts of champagne, unique view of Red Square, a stylish interior and at the same time reasonable prices.
Murmansk mackerel with pistachio sauce, pepper jelly and cilantro
Minced Voronezh beef, hazelnut, sorrel, horseradish
Malt pancakes with stewed duck leg, hazelnuts, black chanterelles and red onion sauce
Cabbage rolls with stewed beef rib, wheat and demi glasse sauce from cabbage
Stavropol lamb, walnut sauce, red cabbage, black chanterelles "
Pomor fish soup with cod, salmon, cream and pink salmon caviar
Dessert «More than honey»
«The most Moscow dessert»
Just caviar
Classic osetra caviar
Osetra «grey» caviar
Unpasteurized lightly salted osetra caviar
«Russian» sturgeon caviar
Sturgeon grainy caviar
Sturgeon pressed caviar
Pressed osetra caviar «Astrakhanka»
Kaluga caviar
Astrakhanskaya sterlet caviar
Sevruga lightly salted caviar
Albino caviar
Beluga imperial caviar
Iranian Beluga caviar
Trout caviar
Pink salmon caviar
Chum salmon caviar
125009, Moscow, 15/1 Mokhovaya street, bld. 1, (Hotel National Moscow, 2nd floor)

Working hours: 12.00 - 00.00
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