About "Beluga"

About the restaurant

"Beluga" is a modern cuisine restaurant in the center of Moscow. 2 its luxurious halls are on the 2nd floor of the hotel "National", from where the visitors can see Red Square and enjoy the progressive cuisine: the combination of ultrafashionable world's trends and the national traditions.

Visitor can get 15 kinds of caviar at a reasonable price and they also can try vodka and champagne from the biggest collection in the world together with the iconic Russian dishes served in an elegant and smart way, the rarest delicacies from all corners of the country are also available.

In the first 6 months after its opening the restaurant became one of the most popular in the capital. In 2021 it was awarded a Michelin star and was included in the TOP-10 popular restaurants of Moscow (according to the independent award WHERETOEAT) and in the list of the best restaurants La Liste.
Bar counter in the shape of gigantic crystal caviar dish
Designer Anastasia Panibratova decided to make the bar counter in a shape of a gigantic crystal caviar dish, organize the interior of the main hall around 4 paintings of a famous painter Yuri Sergeev, decorate the ceiling of heavenly colour with the chandeliers of bohemian crystal, and place a panel made by Recycle art-group, where one can see Russian beauties in kokoshniks making selfies, on the mirror in the main hall. These are the perfect decorations for any occasion.
About chef
Evgeny Vikentiev is a bright representative of modern Russian cuisine. Eugene defines his style as "Intelligent modern cuisine". It is based on dishes with a special idea, created on the principle of new flavor combinations, prepared with local ingredients, using all the luggage of both modern and more traditional techniques.

A favorite of the St. Petersburg and European public, he trained in the best restaurants in Spain and Italy - in the kitchens of 41 DEGREES by the famous Albert Adria and IL VESCOVADO in Noli, awarded the Michelin Star. at the age of 27, with partners, he created the project of progressive Russian cuisine Hamlet + jacks in St. Petersburg, and at 29 - "Cell" in Germany.

He is a participant in significant gastronomic festivals, such as:

The author's style of Evgeny Vikentiev is non-trivial combinations of tastes of seasonal and local products, embodied in bright avant-garde dishes.
Each of his dishes is a special idea and a story that he tells to the guests of the restaurant of our restaurant.

About chef
Evgenii Vikentev is a new gastronomic wave representative, and he bravely mixes tastes and textures. He was the one who introduced the concept of "modern intellectual cuisine" in Russia, and his culinary creations can be compared with works of art.

Minimalism and avant-garde, total refusal to use clichés both in recipes and concepts characterize the style of Vikentev making it an ode to seasonal and local products from all the regions of the country framed with combinations of rare ingredients.

Vikentev had internships in the best Italian and Spanish restaurants; when he was 27, together with partners, he started a project of Russian progressive cuisine "Hamlet + jacks" in Saint-Petersburg; when he was 29, he created "Cell" in Germany. In 2021 he became the youngest owner of Michelin Guide star in Russian Federation for the outstanding menu of the restaurant "Beluga".
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