22 august 2023

Tastes of summer at Beluga

Chef Evgeniy Vikentyev's August menu includes seasonal southern watermelon, chanterelles, broccolini, baby corn, nettles and gooseberries – all the most favorite summer flavors.

The chef created his new dishes using the best Russian products – Murmansk salmon, saddle of Karachay-Cherkessian lamb, Crimean peaches.

Evgeniy serves corn salad dressed with olive oil with nettle cream, southern watermelon, sour cream and coriander, complementing the taste with basil, shiso, lemon balm and dried raspberry powder. Voronezh beef tartare is served with sorrel and green pea cream, sprinkled with dried beef. This season, the chef accompanies lightly salted salmon with young corn and milk from it. Gooseberries and basil add more summer mood to the dish.

As a main course, the chef offers a grilled saddle of lamb from Karachay-Cherkessia with broccolini, cooked over the fire, dressed with pistachio sauce and a sauce of mint, spinach and anchovies. Murmansk salmon fillet is cooked at low temperature, then fried on the skin side and served with zucchini sauce and fried chanterelles, seasoned with an emulsion of butter and spruce oil, as well as chervil leaves.

For dessert, the chef offers juicy Crimean peaches with southern melon and cumin sauce, served with boiled condensed milk ice cream, miso and lemon balm leaves.
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