"Theory of new delicacies"

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Set by Evgeny Vikentiev "Theory of new delicacies"

The set is dedicated to the local products and consists of 10 servings through which chef Evgenii Vikentev creatively studies the term "delicacies" from different perspectives.

He reminds the guests about wide range of tastes of Russia which were left without the well-deserved attention. Non-typical ingredients like rowan, spruce or rhubarb will sound in a totally new way together with seafood and meat.

Vшkentev demonstrates the wealth of the country, shares the peculiarities of its unique products, popularizes these gifts, so they are used more often both by the chefs and the guests of the restaurant.

The set is focused on the seasoning, so it will change throughout the year.
Menu of the set
Set is available for order every day at 19:00 and must be booked 2 days in advance on the website of the restaurant or by the phone: +7 (495) 901-03-36
  1. Salicornia, eel, tomato.
  2. Ostrich, sea urchin, rose.
  3. Kalkan, rapana, spruce.
  4. Octopus, coconut kefir, eggplant.
  5. Russian sturgeon caviar, salmon, vongole.
  6. Vodka, white mushroom, coriander.
  7. Edible snail, grape leaves, buckwheat.
  8. Horse meat, pumpkin, peanut.
  9. Honeysuckle sorbet. Cocoa biscuits. Koji mousse.
  10. Aegopodium, rhubarb, sour cream.
Price for 1person - 8000 ₽
Wine pairing - 6000 ₽
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