25 november 2023

Southern persimmon, sea buckthorn and gingerbread biscuit on the menu

Evgeny Vikentyev continues to create bright avant-garde dishes using seasonal Russian products providing Beluga guests with new gastronomic experiences.

The November menu update includes southern persimmon, sea buckthorn and Jerusalem artichoke side by side with carefully preserved summer flavors – raspberry powder, nettle pesto and peach jelly.

Evgeniy combines fresh corn salad leaves with pepper sauce, juicy persimmon slices, nettle pesto and tarragon. Sun-filled persimmons also feature prominently in a new appetizer with prawn, dried raspberry powder, which gives the dish a slight sourness, and nettle sauce.

Murmansk salmon, delicately cooked at 50 degrees and fried on the skin side, is served with parsnip puree, sea buckthorn beurre blanc sauce with spruce butter and barbecue carrots, while tender Krasnodar quail is grilled over charcoal, glazed with chicken demi-glace and served with pecan sauce, Jerusalem artichoke puree and pickled Jerusalem artichoke.

Porcini mushroom mousse with malt ice cream, fried white chocolate and peach jelly with a taste of summer sun, and gingerbread sponge cake with boiled condensed milk and cream mousse, dusted with chicory powder (a twist to tiramisu with a taste of favorite winter holidays), can easily claim the title of the most unusual desserts of this season.
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