14 OCTOBER 2021

Festival of gastronomy Grand Cuisine in the restaurant "Beluga"

On October 14, the Beluga restaurant received the most prestigious gastronomic award - the Michelin star, and thus entered the most famous and influential restaurant rating in the world. The presentation of the first Michelin restaurant guide in Russia and the award ceremony took place in the concert hall of the capital's Zaryadye park - Beluga chef Evgeny Vikentiev received it from the hands of the presenter.

"I am very glad that the Michelin guide has finally come to Russia," Vikentiev commented from the stage, "and the work of restaurateurs was appreciated. Our homeland can be proud of what we do."

A Michelin star is a real "Oscar" in gastronomy. From its inception in 1900 to the present day, the Michelin Guide has been the "gold standard" for haute cuisine quality. Just a mention in this guide speaks of the highest level and success of the restaurant. However, for what mysterious experts assign stars to establishments, no one knows for sure: the criteria for evaluating restaurants are a commercial secret, however, as the company explains, a star is awarded for outstanding cooking: "the quality of the ingredients, the harmony of tastes, the mastery of techniques and the individuality of the chef are taken into account, expressed in his cuisine."

Today, Michelin guides are issued separately for France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the UK - a total of 32 countries. This year Russia became the 33rd country in the world where the Michelin gastronomic guide is issued.
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