Set "The theory of new delicacies" in Beluga restaurant.

The new set from Evgenii Vikentev called "The Theory of New Delicacies" is dedicated to rare products from different parts of our homeland and consists of 10 dishes.
The term "delicacy" in this context is genuinely multifaceted. It is not only about unexpected combinations or rare and unique products, most of which are not used outside their region, but also about the whole diversity of Russian tastes, which have undeservedly fallen out of sight. The main purpose of the set is to reveal the uniqueness and splendor of these unusual products.
A product-focused set can not help but reflect seasonality, so the menu items will change throughout the year.

Set menu

1. Salicornia. Eel. Tomato.
2. Ostrich. Sea urchin. Rose.
3. Kalkan. Rapa whelk. Spruce.
4. Octopus. Coconut kefir. Eggplant.
5. Russian sturgeon caviar. Salmon. Vongole.
6. Vodka. White mushroom. Cilantro.
7. Grape snails. Grape leaves. Buckwheat.
8. Horse. Pumpkin. Peanuts.
9. Rowan. Carrots. Gingerbread pancakes.
10. Ground elder. Rhubarb. Sour cream.

You need to book the set at least two days before the visit. You may do it on the website or call the restaurant at +7 (495) 901-03-36
Set "The theory of new delicacies"
daily at 19:00
The degustation is organized for two or more people.
The set costs 8000 rub.
You need to book the set at least two days before the visit.
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