Updated menu from Evgeny Vikentiev in the restaurant "Beluga"
The main transfer this autumn is, of course, Evgeny Vikentiev's transfer to the position of chef at the Beluga restaurant. Eugene is one of the brightest (including in the truest sense of the word) and distinctive chefs of St. Petersburg.

Having moved to Moscow, Evgeny Vikentiev prepared several new items on the menu, a teaser of the upcoming changes in the restaurant. There was a place in it both for the former hits of the chef - reworked in the spirit of a restaurant - and for completely new dishes. In all feeds, Evgeny acts in a reference, corresponding to the highest standards, key:

The restaurant is fully focused on Russian seasonal products, from the first days of work at Beluga Vikentiev is as deep as possible in working with farmers and organizing supplies;

The chef reinterprets the traditions of Russian cuisine, reworking them in his signature, bright, innovative style, as always actively experimenting with culinary techniques and creating multi-layered taste textures;

The kitchen is accompanied by the ideal interior of the hall and the impeccable work of waiters, sommeliers and bartenders.

In the new menu, the following should be noted:

Murmansk mackerel, cooked with seaweed, for even greater saturation of the sea taste, with pickled peppers and bright green pistachio sauce - 600 RUR;

Dumplings with smoked Volga pike - dense and rich fish flesh is added to the juiciness of foie gras, decorated with pike caviar and served with mushroom tea and hay sauce - 900 RUR;

Murmansk salmon cooked at low temperature with spruce oil and caramelized carrots - 950 RUR;

Far Eastern scallop in cloudberry sauce with pike caviar and stracatella - 850 RUR;

Pickled and gently fried Rostov duck breast with baked beet ribbons and beet tops - 950 RUR;

Cauliflower in blackcurrant glaze with chickpea puree, one of the main hits of last year's Gourmet Days festival, where Vikentiev first presented this dish - 650 RUR;

And, finally, two desserts: Siberian sea buckthorn mousse with boiled condensed milk ice cream, buckwheat chips and spruce powder (500 RUR) and the author's version of the classic Pavlova - with persimmon, ryazhenka ice cream, lemon meringue and tarragon (450 RUR).

We are waiting for everyone to visit Beluga!

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