Time to yield the crops: seasonal novelties in Beluga
Watermelon, asparagus, nectarines and chanterelles. Seafood, vegetables, and, of course, beluga and black caviar. All of these are the key elements among the abundance of ingredients, used in the new dishes, skillfully created by Evgeniy Vikentiev, the chef of Beluga restaurant and the main gastronomic avant-gardist in Moscow.

The bright colour palette of the main foods comprising the dishes is also a promise of splendid taste impressions. The best time to soak in the positive vibes and enjoy the health benefits of seasonal foods.

New starters and salads are represented by three additions to the menu.

Watermelon, asparagus, sorrel, and cornsalad are united in a powerful quartet by chamomile sour cream and elderberry syrup. To add a bright finishing touch, the dish is garnished with wild strawberries.

Salmon and nectarines, similar either in colour or in texture, are served with marinated crayfish and scallop broth (860 rub).

Vikentiev's vinaigrette salad (Russian beet salad) is a sophisticated dish, where confit potatoes are mixed with beets, roast and smoked, and carrots, marinated in herbs and spices. The salad is served with pickled mushrooms (580 rub).

Among the new hot dishes, you will find Pomor fish soup with cod, salmon, cream, and pink salmon caviar. Another addition is pasta with algae, chanterelles, and kerven (640 rub). If you are in pursuit of ultimate taste luxury, try Beluga with black caviar and vongole sauce (2650 rub). Being a pure manifestation of the state-of-the-art outlook on Russian cuisine and its principles, this dish is destined to become a new symbol of the restaurant.
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