The theory of new delicacies
The set is dedicated to rare products collected from all over Russia. Its main task is to show the whole variety of tastes of our country, which were undeservedly kept far out of sight. We focused on defining the word "delicacy" in terms of the uniqueness of the product, so we have collected the most interesting and extraordinary ingredients for our guests.

The set with a focus on a product cannot ignore seasonality, so the positions will constantly change throughout the year.

The set consists of:

1. Salicornia, eel, tomato.
2. Ostrich, koji, sea urchin, rose.
3. Kalkan, rapa whelk, spruce.
4. Octopus, coconut kefir, eggplant.
5. Russian sturgeon caviar, salmon, vongole.
6. Vodka, porcini mushrooms, cilantro.
7. Grape snails, grape leaves, buckwheat.
8. Horse meat, pumpkin, peanuts.
9. Rowan, carrots, gingerbread pancakes
10. Ground elder, rhubarb, sour cream.
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