Black caviar and champagne: the long-awaited opening of the Beluga restaurant on July 1st
If you are thinking which restaurant to visit first after opening, then there should be no doubt - this is Beluga.

The best restaurant in Russia - the high title was awarded to "Beluga" by authoritative restaurant critics of the country just six months after its opening. The offer is truly unique: two dozen varieties of caviar, outstanding Russian delicacies, an elegant and witty version of Russian cuisine, one of the world's largest vodka lists, all champagne varieties available in Russia, a stylish interior, a fantastic view of Red Square from the second floor of the National Hotel "And at the same time, as always, reasonable prices.

Moscow has never seen such a rich assortment of caviar. Tasting can be aimed and recklessly, ordering 25 grams each (a glass of vodka or black tea with lemon will be served as a compliment), in detail and in detail, trying aesthetic tasting sets of three types of caviar (for example: sturgeon, beluga and sterlet). Or relaxed and happy to start the day with a kilogram of caviar? Undoubtedly, "Burlak's Breakfast" with caviar in the lead role is not only a quote from a famous film, but also a desire to subtly, ironically present the main Russian delicacy - so as not to take it too seriously. Along with an abundance of caviar, boiled quail eggs, homemade sturgeon canned food, pancakes, Tomilinskaya sprat in home marinade, lightly salted cucumbers and young boiled potatoes with melted butter and dill will be served. And other simple Russian dishes: pies with viziga, cucumber terrine, pickled porcini mushrooms, mayonnaise "eggs" with green peas, potato noodles with creamy stracciella and fragrant rye "black bread". Drink it all down with a liter of excellent Beluga Noble vodka or exquisite Veuve Clicquot champagne. The cost is 40,000 rubles, the joy of meeting and vivid impressions of what you eat and drink are priceless.

However, Russia is not only famous for caviar: Arkhangelsk toothfish, Caspian beluga, Karelian trout, polar halibut, the best marbled beef, game - high-quality products from farms and hunting farms, exceptional domestic delicacies are served in the appropriate style. Bright, but at the same time friendly and understandable cuisine of "Beluga" is a harmonious combination of the latest trends and enduring national traditions, topical cooking techniques and the most unexpected recipes, reinterpreted in the realities of our time.
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