"The theory of new delicacies" set's pairing
Set "The theory of new delicacies" from chef Evgenii Vikentev is dedicated to the rare products from different parts of our country and has become a calling card of "Beluga" restaurant together with the impressive range of black caviar. According to the creator of the set, that is what modern intellectual cuisine should look like: avant-garde dishes, bright contrasts and combinations of tastes, products and textures which are far from banality.

In February the sommelier of the restaurant presented a pairing for the set and suggested exclusively Russian wines as supplements to the dishes. Now they are a worthy competition for the best European drinks, and a lot of Russian wines are even better in quality.

For example, the sommelier recommends light, fresh, pleasantly mineral Riesling "Galitsky & Galitsky" together with salicornia, eel and tomatoes. ESSE rkatsiteli Orange Crimea made from white grapes with the technology of red wine makes a perfect match with ostrich, sea urchin and rose. Orange will also be amazing with kalkan, rapana and spruce – these dishes need exactly this type of structured wine.
White valley wine "Kacha Valley" is a perfect pairing to the sea food: octopus with coconut kefir and aubergine caviar, sturgeon caviar with salmon and vongole. Sparkling wine "Black Prince" will make such deserts as rowan with carrots and gingerbread pancakes or ground-elder and rhubarb, smetana and malt more fresh and definitely will lift the spirits of everyone who tries it.

The drinks of the pairing highlight the tastes of the dishes and help the taste and aroma shades to unfold to give totally new gastronomical impressions. The cost of the pairing is 6000 P. "The theory of new delicacies" costs 8000 P. The sets are available for order every day at 19:00, but they must be booked 2 days before the visit on the website of the restaurant on by the phone: +7 (495) 901-03-36
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