New Year's Eve at "Beluga"
It is a tradition for many Russians to celebrate the New Year's Eve at the Red Square. From our point of view, the best place to meet the new year is at the Beluga restaurant, with its unique atmosphere, enjoying a gastronomic dinner from the chef Anton Kovalkov.

Exquisite classics and solidity are two main principles of the restaurant, and that doesn't change here on the New Year's Eve. The abundance of black caviar, champagne "R" De Ruinart and Beluga Noble vodka are the essential attributes of the New Year's Eve, which will be accompanied by the stylish jazz from the AG Band and Anastasia Glavatsky's vocals. The festive dinner La Russe with the New Year's bestsellers will be as bright as the traditional salute and the battle of the Kremlin chimes, effortlessly visible from the Beluga windows.

Welcome reception - at 10.00 pm
The program starts - at 11.00 pm
Ticket price: 50,000 rubles.
Table reservations and details by phone: 8 (495) 901-03-36 / 8 (916) 667-03-99.

Beluga. The restaurant of Russian delicacies and caviar brasserie
Mokhovaya street, 15/1, building 1 (National Hotel, 2d floor)
Tel.: 8 (495) 901-03-36, 8 (916) 667-03-99
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