The Beluga restaurant has a new chef - Evgeny Vikentiev
Evgeny is one of the brightest representatives of the new wave of Russian chefs. A favorite of the Petersburg and European public, she has long been familiar with the projects hamlet + jacks and "Wine Cabinet", who has worked for 5 years on Rubinstein Street.

Eugene trained in the best restaurants in Spain and Italy - in the kitchens of 41 Degrees of the famous Albert Adrià and Il Vescovado in Noli, marked with a Michelin star. He is a participant of significant gastronomic festivals such as Piexe em Lisboa (Portugal), Russian Gastronomical Seasons (Monaco), Chefs Days (Austria), Omniwore, Gourmet Days, IKRA, Chef's Breakfast.

The author's style of Evgeny Vikentiev is a non-trivial combination of tastes embodied in bright, avant-garde dishes. Each of his dishes is a special idea and story that he can tell the guests of the Beluga restaurant.

The concept of the restaurant remains unchanged - outstanding Russian delicacies and a witty version of Russian cuisine.

Evgeny Vikentiev replaced Anton Kovalkov at this place. We thank Anton for his bright, conscientious work and wish him creative success!
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