Gourmet cocktails in Beluga restaurant
Beluga's bar menu is, probably, one of the most conceptual ones in the whole city of Moscow. Two sections, Vodka martini, and Bloody Mary instantly dot the i's and cross the t's, leaving you with no choice except for the right one.

This April the drink menu was enriched with a new line of signature cocktails, becoming even more alluring for the restaurant's patrons. Six self-sufficient cocktails, developed by Beluga's chef Evgeny Vikentiev in collaboration with Pavel Zotkin, are utterly unique and yet unsurpassed, even with the gastronomic scene in the capital being extraordinarily diverse and sophisticated.

Not only do they contain drinks, but also various eatables, such as white mushrooms, algae, Borodino bread, sea urchin, or fish sauce, which add unique shades of taste to the cocktails.

#1 "Vodka-White mushroom- Cilantro" - a mix of vodka infused with white mushrooms, cilantro syrup, lime juice, and egg white.

"Rum-Carrots- Spruce oil" also contains honey and Laphroaig whisky, which nicely complement the key ingredients.

#3"Cherry Polugar- Beetroot- Lemon balm" is bright in colour, but also rich in taste owing to the presence of two kinds of vermouths in the recipe.

#4"Barley Polugar infused with black pepper- Tomato liqueur - Parsley" being a cocktail of complicated nature, has also a multifaceted set of ingredients: in addition to those, mentioned in the name of the drink, there is lime juice, yuzu, and fish sauce.

#5 "Horseradish Polugar- Pine nur milk- Cranberry" has a harmonic taste due to the presence of lemon zest oil and sugar syrup.

#6 "Vodka- Sea buckthorn -Sea urchin" - eclectic in its essence: mezcal, vodka, sugar syrup, and sea buckthorn are complemented with a dollop of sea urchin caviar. Mindblowing contrast.

Each specialty drink from "Cocktails by chef" costs 800 rub.
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