Five reasons to go to Beluga restaurant.
A pleasant surprise- perhaps the most appropriate description for the novelties introduced to the menu by Beluga's chef Eugeniy Vikentiev.

Being a bright avant-gardist, gracefully maneuvering in the fields of traditional Russian cuisine and latest gastronomic trends, Evgeniy manifests his mastery of cooking in five new dishes.

Try some stewed goat under the walnut sauce enriched with a garnish of red cabbage and black chanterelles. Each piece of meat is supposed to be eaten with oyster leaf, which is put on top of the dish.

Startle your taste buds with the texture of chopped prime beef from Voronezh with fois gras and buckwheat koji, decorated with champignone slices.

Enjoy the delicate tenderness of rabbit roll with green peas purée and vongole sauce. Savor the taste of malted crepes with duck leg, hazelnut paste, mushrooms and red onion sauce.

And, finally, pamper yourself with something utterly exquisite- bolied beluga with Siberian sturgeon caviar, beetroot and rose.

Five new dishes- five reasons to drop into Beluga restaurant. Sounds like a great plan for every evening from Monday to Friday.
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